Reconciliation concluded in Saadiyat


A reconciliation meeting was held in the Chouf village of Saadiyat on Sunday between representatives of the political parties and leaders of the area (Hezbollah, Future Movement, Progressive Socialist Party, Amal movement, the Jemaah Islamiah and Saadiyat’s residents and clans) at the residence of the PSP’s Secretary General Zafer Nasser in the presence of MP Elie Aoun and former minister Joseph el-Hachem.

The meeting included speeches by the different parties, the village’s Sheikh Ibrahim Ibrahim and mayor Refaat al-Asaad. They all voiced their keenness to maintain stability, national unity and coexistence, stressing that the area houses Lebanese citizens of various religious sects.

Participants then headed to the house of the Hamadeh family in Saadiyat, before heading to the residence of the town’s mayor where the reconciliation was concluded.

The reconciliation comes after incidents that took place between the local residents who support the Future Movement and armed members of Hezbollah.