Assassination attempt: Did Aoun make up the story ?


MP Michel Aoun’s convoy passed late Saturday through the city of Sidon in southern Lebanon on his way from Jezzine to Batroun. Aoun later told his supporters in Batroun in north Lebanon that his convoy was attacked in Sidon and he was subjected to his fourth assassination attempt.

New TV which is closely linked to Aoun reported Sunday evening that the residents of the area that Aoun claimed to have been subjected to an assassination attempt, never heard any gunfire shots despite the fact that Interior Minister Marwan Charbel did confirm that shots were heard .

Chrarbel later told the media that shots were heard but could not confirm the location nor could he confirm where did the shots come from.

Internal Security Forces in the area also could not hear any gunfire shots , knowing that the area in question is a commercial district which is dotted with monitoring devices.

Army Intelligence branch also reported that the cameras in the area did not monitor any convoy or any of the shootings.

The question on the mind of the Lebanese: Did Aoun make up the story to improve his popularity which has reportedly being falling ever since the uprising began in Syria in March 2011?

While talking about Syria here is what Aoun told his supporters on Saturday evening in Batroon: “The Syrian regime did not collapse and is set to become a democratic system and a model for all countries in the region .”