Next Lebanon National Dialogue session set for Nov 12


Another national dialogue session was held on Thursday at the Baabda Presidential Palace to discuss President Michel Suleiman’s proposal for the national defense strategy, according to a statement issued by the dialogue committee at the end of the session

The rival political leaders participating in the dialogue agreed to consider Suleiman’s proposal as a “starting point for [further] debate on the national defense strategy, including the issue of [non-state] weapons.”

The participants also agreed on condemning the anti-Islam film and Prophet Mohammad cartoons and considered them to be “provocative.”

They also voiced their support for the cabinet’s call for an international law that criminalizes insults against religions.

Lebanon’s leaders also discussed economic and social issues.

The next dialogue session is to be held on November 12 at 11 am.

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea boycotted the meeting on grounds the dialogue was futile and unlikely to address the weapons of Hezbollah, which is backed by Iran and Syria.

Jumblatt praises

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt praised on Thursday Lebanese President Michel Suleiman’s proposal calling it an “important” document .

He made the statement at the end of the session

Jumblatt also told reporters that the president’s paper could be the subject of more debates,” adding: “We are now starting [to tackle] fundamental issues… Things could only be resolved through slow and constructive dialogue.”

MTV reported that former PM Fouad Siniora called on Hezbollah not to use its arms domestically ( as it dis in May 2008)

MTV also reported that MP Michel Aoun insisted on maintaining his stance regarding the Iranian revolutionary guards, insisting that he has not seen any member of the guards in Lebaon