Second Turkish hostage released to Lebanese security


A Turkish national who was kidnapped in Beirut was released to security forces on Thursday, a Lebanese security source said.

“The Turkish ambassador is heading to Lebanese General Security to collect the released Turk,” said the source, who asked to remain anonymous, without giving further details.

The kidnapping of foreigners has become a growing concern in Lebanon, which is worried about a possible spillover of sectarian violence from the revolt in Syria.

The unidentified Turk may have been kidnapped in revenge for the abduction of 11 Shi’ite Muslim Lebanese men in Syria, a diplomat in Beirut said.

He is the second Turkish man to be released in a week. On Tuesday, a Turkish national who had been abducted by a Lebanese Shi’ite clan in Beirut was released to security forces.

He had been abducted in mid-August, along with around 20 Syrians, to put pressure on rebels in Syria who had seized one of their kinsmen in Damascus. The Turkish national was the last in the group to be released.