Guards of Lebanese envoy residence in Syria killed


Armed men abducted and “brutally killed” two Syrian policemen guarding the residence of the Lebanese ambassador to Damascus, according to Lebanese newspaper As Safir.

The police officers guarding Michel al-Khoury’s residence were killed last week.

The envoy’s residence is located in Yaafor suburb of Damascus. Many diplomats have vacated the area amid sanctions against Syria.

According to As Safir, al-Khoury and Lebanese charge d’affaires Rami Murtada are currently in Beirut.

The Syrian government, run by members of an offshoot of Shia Islam, is supported by Hezbollah, the largest Shia party in Lebanon.

Around 26,000 people have died during 18 months of violence during protests against the Syrian government. The UN Tuesday said the fighting last month forced 100,000 Syrians to flee to neighbouring countries like Turkey and Jordan.