Lebanon to warn the Syrians about the border violations


Lebanese Prime Minister Najib MiKati requested that Lebanese Ambassador to Syria Michel Khoury to submit an urgent letter to the Syrian Foreign Ministry informing it of the “continuous shelling that is targeting Lebanese border towns from nearby Syrian military outposts, as well as warning the Syrian authorities on the negative repercussions that these violations might lead to specially since security measures have been taken by the Lebanese army to protect Lebanese citizens, ” National News Agency reported on Monday

The latest violation of Lebanese territory by Syrian regime forces took place on Sunday morning when shells fired from Syria landed on northern Lebanese border towns in the Akkar district.

The shelling appeared to have targeted Our Lady of the Castle Maronite monastery in the town of Menjez near the Lebanese Syrian border , NNA reported.

Syrian troops have been violating the Lebanese territories on regular basis . Last Saturday they entered Lebanon and kidnapped two Lebanese nationals in the Al-Dawra area in the Hermel town of Masharee al-Qaa. Later that day , Syrian officials apologized for the violation and pledged to punish those responsible for it, but the violations continued.

The current Lebanese government is dominated by Hezbollah and was reportedly made in Syria.

Hezbollah has been supporting the crackdown by the Syrian regime of president Bashar al Assad ever since the 18 month uprising by the Syrian people began. According to activists over 26,000 people have been killed so far, mostly civilians.