Syrian VP Farouk Sharaa did not defect to Jordan, report


Jordanian security sources denied in a report published by Jordanian daily al Ghad that Syrian Vice President Farouk Sharaa has defected from the regime of Syrian president Bashar Assad to Jordan along with 13 senior army officers and 37 Brigadie generals to join the opposition.

The source however did not deny to al Ghad the arrival of Syrian Brigadier General Ibrahim Aljbawi to Jordan after defecting from the Syrian regime.

Syrian Vice President Farouk Sharaa is reportedly under house arrest and the rebels are not contacting him, since they are aware that he is under surveillance and any such contact could put his life in jeopardy, the secretary-general of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood , Mohammed Riad al-Shaqfa told a Kuwaiti newspaper last Friday.

Photo: Syrian Vice President Farouk Sharaa with Syrian president Bashar Assad