Fire injures 12 at Lebanon ministry of justice


Twelve people were injured in a huge fire that erupted Tuesday at the Justice Ministry building, trapping several employees in their offices, according to Voice of Lebanon radio.

The fire erupted in the fourth and fifth floors of the building located in Beirut’s Mathaf area and firefighting teams have succeeded in extinguishing most of it, said National News Agency.

Initial reports said power line friction was the likely cause of the fire.

Civil defense teams have managed to evacuate most of the employees from the building, said Voice of Lebanon radio.

They succeeded in pulling out 12 employees who suffered minor injuries.

Among them was General Director of the Justice Ministry Omar Natour who suffered a minor injury and has been transferred to hospital for treatment, it said. Natour’s office is on the fifth floor.

Justice Minister Shakib Qortbawi soon arrived at the scene to inspect the rescue and firefighting operations.