Jumblatt: Ikhtiyar had a role in the assassination of my father


The head of the National Struggle Front MP Walid Jumblatt said that Brig. General Manaf Tlass who defected earlier this month should have headed to Rastan to defend its people instead of leaving Syria.

Jumblatt, in an interview with the BBC, said ” General Hisham Ikhtiyar ( who died in the blast last week) had a role in the assassination of my father.”

Jumblatt pointed out that Syria is being destroyed as a result the Russian conspiracy against the Syrian people.

Jumblatt’s father , Kamal Jumblatt who was assassinated on March, 16 , 1977 was an important Lebanese politician. He was the main leader of the anti-government forces in the Lebanese Civil War until his assassination. In June 2005, former secretary general of the Lebanese Communist Party George Hawi claimed in an interview with al Jazeera, that Rifaat al-Assad, brother of Hafez al Assad and uncle of Syria’s current President Bashar al-Assad, had been behind the killing of Jumblatt.