3 Egyptian businessmen missing in Syria since Monday


The Egyptian embassy in Damascus is in urgent communication with the Syrian foreign and interior ministries after three Egyptian businessmen went missing whilst on their way to Damascus airport on Monday.

Mohamed Salah El-Din, Ramy El-Kholy and Osama Ebada were in Syria to source cloth for their Egyptian factories.

On Tuesday night, relatives of the men appeared on TV asking President Mohamed Morsi to help find their loved ones.

Relatives of the men contacted Damascus International Airport and were told the men had not boarded their flight.

Egyptian foreign ministry spokesperson Amr Rushdie has warned Egyptians to be careful when travelling to Syria, especially since fighting reached the capital.

Syria’s defence minister General Daoud Rajha along with Bashar El Assad’s brother-in-law Assaf Shawkat were killed in central Damascus Wednesday in a suicide bombing attack targeting the National Security headquarters, state television reported in the biggest escalation between the opposition and regime forces in Syria.

The incident could see the country hit by more turmoil in the near future.

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