Cabinet approves program to aid poor families


The Lebanese cabinet on Thursday approved the first stage of a national program to support impoverished families in Lebanon, according to the National News Agency.

Following the cabinet session, Information Minister Walid Daouq told reporters that the cabinet also agreed to amend the social insurance law to allow a person to benefit from their spouses insurance.

The cabinet also agreed to accept a French donation of military equipment to the Lebanese army.

Furthermore, the cabinet agreed to establish a plant funded by the EU for recycling solid waste in the vicinity of the Nabatiyeh town of Al-Kofour.

The council of ministers also approved to transfer a treasury loan worth 20 billion LL to Ogero Telecommunications Company.

Prime Minister Najib Mikati had said at the beginning of the session that stances taken by some political parties “will not prevent us from fulfilling our responsibilities.”

“If we have opted not to engage in a debate with those who [criticize] the government on daily basis… it is because we have [decided] from the moment we [took charge of the cabinet] that our actions [will serve] as response to [criticisms].”

Mikati also said that his cabinet was “looking forward to the security measures the army will take along the Lebanese border [with Syria] in the North and the Bekaa to restore stability and security.”

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