Lebanon army chief warns of “fabricated” tensions


Lebanon army commander General Jean Kahwaji warned in remarks published in As-Safir newspaper on Tuesday of fabricated tensions and said that the army will not “allow [itself] to be distracted” and will not “deviate from performing its tasks.”

“Military units are performing their tasks on different Lebanese territories, but what is suspicious are security incidents being fabricated here and there,” Kahwaji told As-Safir newspaper.

“Every time the army [addresses an incident] in one place, another incident occurs in another. It is as if there is a maestro secretly [making the situation go as such]. The aim is clear. It is to keep the army busy in marginal incidents and therefore keep the situation tense.”

He also said that protecting the country was everyone’s “responsibility,” and added that the army will strike with an iron fist anyone that attempts to prevent it from fulfilling its duties or tampers with the country’s stability and threatens citizens’ security.

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