Lebanon PM condemns killing by Syria of TV cameraman


Prime Minister Najib Mikati condemned on Monday the killing by the “Syrian side” on Lebanon’s northern borders of a cameraman working for a Beirut television channel, a statement said.

“We condemn the act of opening fire from the Syrian side on the Lebanese media team, mainly as this team was operating within Lebanese territory,” said the Mikati, whose government is dominated by Syrian allies, mainly the Iranian and Syrian-backed Shiite Hezbollah party.

Cameraman Ali Shaaban was shot dead by Syrian troops in the Wadi Khaled area, his employer Al Jadeed TV ( New TV) reported on Monday.

New TV reporter Hussein Khreis and cameraman Abdul Tabaja were also wounded when Syrian army fired at them as they were filming a report on the Lebanese Syrian borders.

Other condemnations

Former PM Saad Hariri also condemned the “heinous attack” on the Al Jadeed TV team and said

the government is responsible for the incident

The Photographers Association also condemned the “criminal assault” on the Al Jadeed TV team

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea who miraculously survived an assassination attempt last Wednesday also condemned the assassination of Shaaban and urged the government to investigate the case