Hezbollah sides with Aoun against Mikati


Hezbollah took sides in the dispute between Free patriotic Movement and Lebanese Prime Minister Nagib Mikati

Following a meeting on Monday with MP Michel Aoun Hezbollah politburo member Ghaleb Abou Zainab said that ” Hezbollah’s stance is very clear . It supports the Free Patriotic Movement in any position it takes”.

Addressing the governmental situation, the Hezbollah official said that the cabinet aims to serve the interests of all the Lebanese people, adding that obstructing the cabinet’s work does not serve anyone.

“We do not know who is served by suspending the cabinet sessions.”

Abu Zeinab also said : “If the FPM decided to resort to street action to achieve Lebanon’s interest, then we will join it as well.”

Abou Zainab headed a Hezbollah delegation to meet with the FPM leader on the anniversary of the signing of the memorandum of understanding between the two sides in 2006.

He told reporters that the MOU helped restore balance on Lebanon’s internal scene, granting the country stability that will prevent Israel from meddling in the country’s affairs.

Following Wednesday’s cabinet session that witnessed a dispute over administrative appointments, Mikati reportedly decided not hold any more cabinet sessions before the issue is resolved and until the parties agree on a mechanism to revive the productivity of the government.

Aoun accused Mikati of abusing his powers, saying the Constitution stipulated that ministers should meet on a regular basis, As-Safir reported Monday.

Aoun also accused president Suleiman and Mikati of taking turns in confronting him .He told As Safir :

“The president and the prime minister are taking turns at confronting me … as if there is a deal between them against me,” Aoun said.

“We will not succumb to manipulation or intimidation and I advise everyone not to play this game with us,” he added.