Death toll in Syria rose to 60 on Monday


Al-Arabiya TV quoted activists as saying that Monday’s Syrian death toll rose to 60.

In a related development US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urges Security Council to act on Syria, end to violence.

Earlier today the U.S. envoy to the UN said: It is time for the UN Security Council (UNSC) , which has been guilty of “inaction” and “neglect” during 10 months of Syrian violence, to endorse an Arab League plan for a political transition in Syria”.

US Ambassador Susan Rice was speaking a day before Arab League Secretary-General Nabil Elaraby and Qatar’s prime minister are due to plead with the 15-nation Security Council to back the league’s plan for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to transfer powers to his deputy to prepare for free elections.

“We have seen the consequences of neglect and inaction by this council over the course of the last 10 months, not because the majority of the council isn’t eager to act – it has been,” Rice told reporters.

“But there have been a couple of very powerful members who have not been willing to see that action take place,” she said. “That may yet still be the case.”

Rice was referring to Russia and China, which vetoed a European-drafted Security Council resolution in October that would have condemned Syria and threatened it with possible sanctions.



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