Hariri urges AL to seek ” Syria No-Fly Zone “


Former Lebanese PM Saad Hariri urged the Arab League on Monday to seek a “no-fly zone” over Syria, stressing that “everything must be done” to stop what he called a “massacre.”

“The Arab League should go to the U.N. and (seek) a no-fly zone (over Syria) and if Russia vetoes (the resolution) then a joint Arab League force should be formed along with Turkey,” Hariri said on his Twitter page.

Syrian President “Bashar (al-Assad) thinks he can outsmart the Arab League and the world, he will fall so hard,” Hariri tweeted

Asked by a Twitter user to comment on Defense Minister Fayez Ghosn’s recent remarks that Qaida members have infiltrated the Bekaa town of Arsal, near the borders with Syria, Hariri said: “There is only one al-Qaida: it’s Bashar’s shabiha (militiamen) and killers.”

Earlier this month Hariri said on his Twitter page : “If Hezbollah openly supports the Syrian regime, we openly and proudly support the Syrian revolution and the Syrian people.”