Future Movement , PSP stress cooperation


The leaderships of the Progressive Socialist Party and the Future movement in Iqlim al-Kharroub stressed in a statement after holding talks at the PSP’s offices in Daraya on Sunday their continued cooperation and the need to preserve calm rhetoric.

“The political status quo and the developments around us create fear and cautiousness … that’s why it is our responsibility to preserve a calm rhetoric, hold onto stability and exert joint efforts to limit political tension to steer the region clear of any agitation,”

They said they have a joint responsibility towards the residents in Shouf and Iqlim al-Kharroub, stressing that the bases of their “old and firm” relations have been consolidated by Future Movement leader Saad Hariri and PSP leader Walid Jumblat.

“We stay united against all challenges and events that the Arab region could be affected from through the Arab revolutions,” the statement said.

It stressed that Future Movement and the PSP share common goals more than their converging viewpoints which have “never been points of contention.”

“Each side has its own point of view towards different causes and political issues,” the conferees said, vowing to continue their coordination out of their “keenness on their region and their strong and common principles which were never rattled under any political circumstance.”

The statement added: “We are meeting today out of our keenness to protect Iqlim al Kharroub district and our relations, which have not been shaken regardless of the political developments.”