Geagea: The fall of the syrian regime is inevitable


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea said in an interview with Al-Jumhuriya newspaper published on Thursday that the Syrian uprising against President Bashar al-Assad’s regime “will not end ” and the fall of the regime is inevitable.

Geagea rejected the pro-Assad statements that the crisis in Syria is a “conspiracy” operated by Western powers.

“There are no devils or angels planning to divide the Middle East ,” he said, adding that “no one can control the people when it come down to freedom and democracy.”

commenting on the Lebanese cabinet headed by Prime Minister Najib Mikati, Geagea said that the government should resign because if it does not, its end will be disastrous for Lebanon.

“The government is better off resigning because it will result in a catastrophe in Lebanon and it won’t achieve anything for the country,” Geagea said.

“Mikati should step down… because the cabinet will not achieve anything.” He added

Geagea accused Hezbollah which currently dominates the government of having an agenda which does not serve Lebanon’s interests

“Hezbollah’s security and military connections with regional powers will incur consequences on Lebanon if it launched a confrontation with the West and Arab world.” A possible reference to Hezbollah’s alliance with Iran and Syria and its support for the Shiites in their uprising in Bahrain.

Asked of possible repercussions the developments in Syria may have on Lebanon, he replied: “Given the current government, anything is possible.”

Commenting on the Syrian incursions into Lebanese territory he said:

“This government does not even recognize itself because it does not exist.”