Charbel: Security situation in Lebanon is excellent


Lebanon’s Interior Minister Marwan Charbel told Voice of Lebanon radio on Wednesday that the current security situation in the country “is excellent” noting that the ministry has “a comprehensive plan” to safeguard Lebanon.

Charbel added that Lebanese political factions “are aware of the dangers posed against Lebanon ” adding that they are “making persistent efforts” to shield the county from any deterioration “in light of the critical situation” in the region.

“ Lebanon’s security forces are extremely keen to impose security and stability in an attempt to prevent any violations that might harm the citizen and [destabilize the country].”

His comments about the security in Lebanon come after embassies and diplomats have hinted that the wave of assassinations and bombings will return to Lebanon, fearing that the turmoil in the region will affect Lebanon, according to report by Nahar newspaper on Wednesday.

An Nahar quoted an official as saying that the assassinations and bombings rumors are not based on reliable information but on hints from embassies and diplomats.

He stressed to the daily that the statements made by Interior Minister Marwan Charbel in Paris were taken out of their context.

Charbel attended in October a security exhibition in Paris where he warned against a new wave of political assassinations in Lebanon due to information obtained by his ministry.

He said that the turmoil in the neighboring countries could spread to Lebanon.