3 Syrians kidnapped in Beirut’s Bir Hassan neighborhood, update


Syrian national Idriss al-Sahen said that upon returning to his house, located in Bir Hassan in Beirut, his neighbors informed him that members “belonging to a political party kidnapped” his brothers Mustafa and Yassine as well as their friend Issa Saleh, adding that the perpetrators were in three black jeeps, Voice of Lebanon radio station reported on Friday

Sahen’s home is located behind Al Bachaer radio station

The report, however, did not elaborate any further on the party that kidnapped the Syrians, but Bir Hassan is a stronghold of Hezbollah , a close ally of Syria

Several Syrians have been kidnapped in Lebanon ever since the revolt against the Syrian regime erupted

Update: Friday evening: According to the security source, the three men turned up at a police station in the southern Beirut suburb of Ouzai and said that the motive for their kidnapping was robbery. The source said the three men declined to answer questions about the details of how they were taken hostage, or where they were held. Ouzai is a Hezbollah stronghold , but the party denied any involvement