MP Fatfat hold Hezbollah responsible for threats against him


March 14 MP Ahmad Fatfat told Voice of Lebanon on Tuesday that Hezbollah is responsible for threatening him inside Monday’s Parliamentary Human Rights Committee session.

“The threat voiced against me was very clear. There are more than fifty witnesses and I hold Hezbollah responsible for it,” he said.

During the heated argument, Hezbollah MP Ali Ammar threatened Fatfat, according to some participants in the meeting.

“Let us fight it out outside Parliament ,” Fatfat quoted Ammar as saying.

“The session was full of curses and that’s because of Ammar’s attitude,” Fatfat told reporters after walking out of the session.

“I don’t carry weapons. Those who carry weapons are the ones that threaten and take it outside,” Fatfat added.

The quarrel broke out between Hezbollah and Future Movement lawmakers ( of March 14 opposition) during a parliamentary committee meeting which was aimed at discussing a detailed report implicating Syria in the kidnapping of Syrian dissidents in Lebanon. The meeting was attended by Judge Mirza

“Attorney General Judge Said Mirza revealed a dangerous fact during Monday’s session . He said that he tried to ask [the family of two abducted Syrian dissidents] to come to sign papers but they did not because… it is possible that they were concerned that other relatives will be kidnapped,” Fatfat added in a reference to the two Syrian dissidents who were abducted in September.

Hezbollah is a staunch ally of Syria and has been supportive of the Syrian regime in its crackdown against the pro-democracy protesters . Over 3000 Syrians have been killed by the Syrian security forces, mostly civilians