Zahle bloc condemns Hezbollah’s network installation in Tarshish


Zahle parliamentary bloc MPs on Monday condemned Hezbollah’s attempt to install a telecommunications network in the upper Metn town of Tarshish, National News Agency reported.

In a related development LBC television reported on Monday that residents of Tarshish are unanimously rejecting the expansion of Hezbollah’s telecommunication network to their village and that they are going to hold a protest on Tuesday.

The report also said that the Telecommunications Ministry finalized the expansion of its network in the village.

MTV station reported on Friday that Hezbollah threatened residents of Tarshish after they prevented the party members from installing a telecommunications network in the town.

Hezbollah is reportedly installing its telecom network throughout Mt Lebanon using the state’s network infrastructure. Ya Libnan correspondent in the Shouf region of Mt Lebanon reported seeing Hezbollah technicians installing their network from Ain Dareh to Beiteddine during the past two weeks and the work is still ongoing.

The Zahle bloc also said “the government’s position regarding the Syrian army’s incursions onto the Lebanese territory is shameful and shows how much it depends on Syria.”

Earlier in October, Syrian troops shot and killed a farmer near Arsal, while on Wednesday there were reports that Syrian forces killed a man inside Lebanese territory in Bekaa’s town of Qaa.



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