Labor Union delegation voices support for Syrian regime


Ghassan Ghosn, President of the Lebanese General Workers Union (CGTL) , headed a delegation to Syria on Sunday and met with Arab Baath Party leader Oussama Odai, National News Agency reported.

Ghosn , a staunch supporter of the Syrian regime voiced support for Syrian the government of president Bashar al Assad against the political campaigns and economic pressures that the country is facing, according to the report

The delegation also condemned the “distracting media campaign that aims to harm Syria and its stance supporting the Resistance,” the report said

The report added that the delegation voiced its confidence that “the Syrian people are able to overcome the crisis and build a modern Syria.”

Their visit comes after Syria imposed a ban on Lebanese exports of added value products that are subject to tariffs of over 5 percent.

The ban strikes a heavy blow against an already ailing Lebanese export market. The Lebanese exports to Syria “will be affected in a very big way,” Economist Ghazi Wazneh said Sunday.

Around 14,000 items will be affected by the ban, including cars, furniture, domestic appliances, clothes and some added value food ( processed ) products .

The processed foods industry in Lebanon will be one of the most hurt sectors, according to Wazneh.

Syria is the only country with which Lebanon shares an open border, making it the only gateway to major trade partners in the region, namely Jordan , Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf states

Wazneh expects industrialists to tackle the problem by seeking out new markets, especially Libya and Egypt, whose industries have declined significantly during the recent turmoil.



3 responses to “Labor Union delegation voices support for Syrian regime”

  1. Patience2 Avatar

    And pukes like this are left free to run around Lebanon?

  2.  Avatar

    And pukes like this are left free to run around Lebanon?

  3.  Avatar

    And pukes like this are left free to run around Lebanon?

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