Karami: Assad considers the crisis in Syria is over


Former Prime Minister Omar Karami said in an interview with An-Nahar newspaper published on Sunday that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad told him the crisis in Syria is over.

Karami said that Assad voiced relief that “developments are under control in Syria .”

“The atmosphere in Syria is very different from what is shown by the media,” the former PM quoted Assad as saying.

Assad also told Karami that he is “not worried about the situation in Syria,” adding that “his country’s ties with many influential countries… remain steady and reassuring.”

Assad on Thursday met with former PM Karami and his son Youth and Sports Minister Faisal Karami and on Wednesday he met with former PM Salim el Hoss.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad wants to gain Sunni legitimacy by receiving Lebanese Sunni figures, Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea said during an interview with An-Nahar newspaper published on Friday , in reference to the visits of former Prime Ministers Hoss and Karami to Damascus.