Hariri calls for Arab support for Palestinian bid, praises Abbas’ UN speech


Lebanon’s Opposition leader Saad Hariri praised Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ address to the UN General Assembly on Saturday , in which he urged UN members to back his bid to admit Palestine as a full UN member state.

“The speech sought to uncover Israel’s aggressive intentions to reject all peace talks’ efforts, and at the same time showed the openness of the Palestinian authority and its insistence on wanting peace,” Hariri said in a statement

He added that “Arab support and solidarity with Palestine must “on political and diplomatic levels in order to accomplish the formation of a capable State of Palestine.”

Abbas on Friday urged United Nations members to back his bid to admit Palestine as a full member state based on the borders on June 4, 1967 the day before the Six-Day War with Israel.

The UN Security Council will meet Monday afternoon to discuss a request by the Palestinians to admit the state of Palestine as a full UN member, the council’s current president, Lebanon’s ambassador to the United Nations, Nawaf Salam, told reporters on Friday.