MP Qabbani: Parliament should vote on cabinet’s electricity bill version


March 14 MP Mohammad Qabbani told Future News television on Wednesday that his Future Movement parliamentary bloc wants the parliament to cast a vote on the electricity plan that includes the amendments that the cabinet made during its September 7 session.

Prime Minister Najib Mikati said , following the cabinet’s approval of the electricity plan that a supervising committee for the energy spending will be formed within three months, while a new administrative board for Electricite du Liban ( EDL) will be formed in two months.

Qabbani said that the plan submitted to the parliamentary committees does not match the cabinet’s decisions made on September 7.

“We want to have an electricity project based on regulations and transparency and not squandering,” Qabbani said

“We want a project that is harmonious with what the cabinet approved. I do not think the [cabinet] agrees to a project other than the one it has has already approved .”

Other March 14 leaders expressed the same concerns about the bill submitted to the parliamentary committees.March 14 MP Ahmad Fatfat said on Monday that Energy Minister Gebran Bassil is trying “to evade what the cabinet approved.”

“The March 14 opposition wants electricity to be provided , but rules must be applied to avoid squandering.”

He added