Aridi: The Syrian uprising is not an American plot


Public Works and Transportation Minister Ghazi Aridi said on Monday that the uprising in Syria is not an American plot, National News Agency reported on Monday

Aridi who is a member of the Progressive Socialist Party which is led by MP Walid Jumblatt, also said that in the beginning of the uprising in Syria “even the Syrian officials said that the Syrian people have a number of rightful and legitimate demands that should be met.”

In an interview published by As-Safir newspaper on Monday Jumblatt said that “a popular movement is taking place in Syria and its demands for reform should be met and implemented .”

The United Nations on Monday raised its estimate of the number of protesters killed in the Syrian uprising to 2,600, as it announced the appointment of three investigators to look into human rights abuses in the country, where President Bashar al-Assad has defied international condemnation of the crackdown, even among his dwindling allies