Nahhas: Funding of the energy bill still unresolved


Lebanon’s Economy Minister Nicolas Nahhas said on Wednesday that “the funding” of the Change and Reform bloc’s electricity draft bill is the only matter which has not yet been resolved in the cabinet.

“Consensus has been reached on all the main points proposed in the bill, except for the funding of the project ,” Nahhas , who is a member of the Change and Reform bloc told LBC in a reference to thy energy bill which calls for the transfer of $1.2 billion to the Energy Ministry.

He added that “a smart solution” must be reached on how to fund the project “in order to avoid future problems.”

“We hope the cabinet reaches a solution to the issue in today’s session.” He said

The cabinet is expected to address on Wednesday the bill proposed by the Change and Reform bloc. The western-backed March 14 parties have opposed the bill.

No vote

In a related development Speaker Nabih Berri said in remarks published on Wednesday that a vote will not be cast in the cabinet on the electricity bill, and added that the proposed bill will “pass by consensus.”

Berri told Al-Jumhouriya newspaper that casting a vote in the cabinet may lead to a dispute in the parliament, and added that the latter does not serve anyone’s interests.

The speaker said that he is waiting until the concerned parties submit a draft bill to him so he can submit it to the parliamentary commissions.