MP Adwan calls for preserving Shouf unity


Lebanese Forces bloc MP Georges Adwan called on Sunday for preserving the civil peace and unity in the Shouf region of Mt Lebanon .

“What first happened in Deir al-Qamar was a normal clash…until Wiam Wahhab’s armed supporters were brought from outside the town,” Adwan who represents Deir al-Qamar in the parliament told MTV station in a reference to the clash that took place on Friday night between Deir al-Qamar residents and Wahhab’s supporters.

“The persons who shot at the players are in detention. The judicial authority should follow up on the matter…this is unacceptable and should not happen again,” Adwan added.

A fight took place on Friday night following a basketball match in Deir al-Qamar in the Shouf region, between the town’s team ( al Talaeh) and supporters of Wahhab ( Tawhid team) in which twelve people were reportedly wounded . Several were arrested by the Lebanese army units who interfered to stop the fight.

Former minister Wahhab is a stanch ally of Hezbollah and Syria.

update: The Mayor of Deir al-Qama held a meeting Sunday evening with the al Talaeh basketball team members to discuss the Friday incident .

Following the meeting they issued a statement ” condemning the violence that was initiated by the supporters of Wahhab ( Tawhid team)”.

The statement called on the “concerned authorities to punish all those responsible for the violence “