Mneimneh: Cabinet’s fate is linked to the Syrian regime’s fate


Former Minister of Education Dr. Hassan Mneimneh said Saturday : This government was formed by Syria and its fate is linked to the fate of the Syrian regime .

We were hoping that the decisions in the cabinet will be made by Prime Minster Nagib Milkati , but so far all signals indicate that the decisions are being made by those who hold the majority in the cabinet , a possible reference to Hezbollah .

Commenting on the Syrian uprising he said: As the Syrian regime intensifies its brutal crackdown against the pro-democracy protesters the Russian position will gradually change and the Russian statement that was issued yesterday condemning the violence against the civilians points to a change . Russia has been so far supportive of the Syrian regime and has threatened to veto any security council resolutions against the regime.

Commenting on the funding of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon ( STL) he said : “Mikati is for funding the Tribunal , but the question is : Will he be able to force his thinking on the cabinet? If a vote on the funding will take place the majority of the cabinet (which is controlled by Hezbollah ) will vote against it . If Mikati is really committed to the funding of the tribunal he should quit , if the cabinet votes against (the funding).