Lebanese situation could explode at any time, report


A western diplomat described the situation in Lebanon as sensitive and worrisome and said that it may explode at any time and at any moment.

The diplomat told Kuwait al Anbaa newspaper the relations between March 14 and March 8 have been completely severed specially because of their stances over the situation in Syria. While March 8 is supporting the Syrian regime , March 14 is supporting the Syrian people in their pro-democracy protests against the regime .

According to the diplomat Syria’s allies in Lebanon may not remain idle if they feel that the pressure may result in the downfall of the regime and similarly the March 14 opposition may not remain idle if the regime falls because this could weaken its Lebanese allies and allow it to turn the tables against its rivals. This according to the diplomat could increase the tension internally and no one at this stage could predict what this could lead to in Lebanon.

The diplomat said that there are a lot of concerns that the deteriorating situation in Syria could lead to a repeat of the 2005 assassinations in Lebanon or a repeat of the May 2008 uprising by Hezbollah or a combination of the two. He added that the Syrian regime may export its uprising in Lebanon to use it as a negotiating card with the west and regional powers.

The diplomat added that for the first time there is a regional , Arab and international agreement agreement to put pressure on the Syrian regime and to support the Syrian people in their call for democracy. If the Syrian regime does not come up very quickly with a road map to end the crackdown there will be fundamental changes in the situation in Syria and this will have dramatic effect on Lebanon