Parliament rejects Aoun’s energy draft bill


March 14 MP Ahmad Fatfat criticized on Wednesday the draft bill proposed by the Change and Reform bloc by saying it was drafted in favor of bloc leader MP Michel Aoun’s interests.

“This is why he was angry that the parliament did not adopt it,” he said, adding that Aoun’s comments earlier in the day were not the first time the Change and Reform bloc leader has lost his temper.

Fatfat told Future News that the draft bill contradicts legal procedures

“The money that would have been transferred to his son-in-law , Energy Minister Gebran Bassil, under the draft law will give Bassil the freedom to use the money without referring to the cabinet or without any monitoring by the Audit Bureau.” Fatfat said

Fatfat also addressed Aoun’s call for people to occupy the parliament, saying, “I do not find his statement… strange, he has rebelled and destroyed the country many times.”

Draft bill

Parliament failed on Wednesday to approve a draft law on electricity that was suggested by Aoun.

The draft law allows Bassil to receive $1.2 billion to implement a project for producing 700 Megawatts of electricity.

“Parliament is facing a test of either lighting Lebanon or leaving it in the dark,” Aoun told As Safir newspaper, adding “there is no reason for any team to oppose it.”

Aoun called on the Lebanese to occupy parliament “if you want electricity and I will support you.”