MP Youssef slams Mansour’s meeting with Assad


March 14 MP Ghazi Youssef slammed Minister of Foreign Affairs Adnan Mansour’s Monday visit to Syria and his meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Youssef a member of the Future bloc said during an interview with Future News : “We, [the Future bloc], dissociate ourselves from being represented by Mansour.”

Lebanon’s decision in the UN Security Council on the Syrian crisis was “shameful,” he also said, adding that half of the Lebanese do not accept such a position.

Mansour , a member of the Amal movement , a close ally of Hezbollah and Syria , reportedly visited Syria to get a pat on his back from Assad for backing Syria against the International community.

His comments come after the Security Council Wednesday issued a declaration condemning Assad’s deadly crackdown on protests and called for those responsible for violence to be held “accountable.”

Lebanon did not block the adoption, but was the only country out of 15 that decided to abstain from voting for the condemnation.

Regarding reports that arms are being smuggled to Syria from Lebanon, Youssef said arms were previously smuggled to Lebanon through Syria and Iran, “now they are being smuggled back into Syria.”

The Syrian Arab News Agency reported Sunday that the Syrian authorities “caught a car coming from Lebanon, bearing a Lebanese number plate, in Homs last Saturday evening with a substantial quantity of ammunition and weapons aboard.”

At least 2,000 civilians were killed by the Syrian security forces since the uprising began in mid March according to the Syrian Observatory and hundreds of security people were killed by the Syrian forces loyal to president Assad for refusing to fire at protesters