Gemayel questions the merit of dialogue talks


Former Lebanese president and current Phalange party leader Amin Gemayel questioned the merit of re-launching the national dialogue sessions when some categorize the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) as a tool of “ruling and vengeance,” according to a statement issued by his press office on Saturday.

He also asked what the use of dialogue is when non-state arms, in reference to Hezbollah’s weapons , are “described as everlasting.”

Addressing an expatriates’ delegation, Gemayel said President Michel Suleiman should form a “party of experts to look into controversial issues and find ways to resolve them.”

Suleiman has been calling for dialogue , but March 14 has been insisting that the only issue that should be discussed is Hezbollah arms, otherwise it will be a waste of time

March 14 MP Butros Harb told Voice of Lebanon:

“The conferees should discuss the issue of Hezbollah’s arms and implement previous agreements reached at the dialogue such as disarmament of Palestinians outside the camps, the demarcation of the border with Syria and the commitment to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.”

“Suleiman can’t launch the dialogue on the same foundations of the previous all-party talks”, he said.