Aoun ministers and PM Mikati clash during first cabinet meeting


Al Liwa newspaper reported that PM Nagib Mikati clashed over two issues with the ministers that represent FPM leader MP Michel Aoun during the first session of the newly formed cabinet that was held at the Baabda Palace:

1- 1701

Lebanese stance with regards to UN resolutions: Mikati wanted to announce that Lebanon is committed to UN resolution with special emphasis on UNSCR 1701 in line with his statement on Monday following the announcement of the cabinet formation , but Aoun’s ministers reportedly did not want any reference to 1701

2- Special Tribunal for Lebanon ( STL)

On the issue of Special Tribunal for Lebanon ( STL) Aoun’s ministers wants to include a paragraph about the false witnesses but Mikati completely rejected their suggestion

Al Liwa source said the issue of the Tribunal was not finalized and could come up again during Thursday’s meeting