Jumblatt: The new majority has proven that it can govern


Almost 24 hours after the cabinet was formed Progressive socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt claimed that the new majority has proven that it can govern the country .

“We proved to March 14 forces that we can govern the country, and they have to admit it,” Jumblatt told al-Jazeera news channel on Monday night.

Jumblatt’s share of 3 ministers was included in the so called centrist bloc which included president Michel Suleiman and PM Nagib Mikati , but according to observers Hezbollah considers Jumblatt its ally too and thus it controls his share too . Including Jumblatt in the share of Mikati and Suleiman was reportedly a ploy intended to cover up Hezbollah’s control of the government .

It took the new majority almost five months to form the cabinet . The newly formed cabinet is in the process of preparing its ministerial statement in order to get the vote of confidence of the parliament