Lebanon MP : We are not neutral. We are with the Syrian people


March 14 MP Mohammed Kabbara commented on what is happening in Syria and said in a statement:

“The tanks of Assad’s security forces are heading to Jisr al-Shughour town to perform another massacre against the Syrian people while the Arabs are watching and the international community is watching. T -82 Russian-made tanks which did not fight Israel are now being used to slaughter The Syrian people, while Russia is preventing the UN Security Council from saving the Syrian people and the Arabs are still watching. ”

He added: ” Syrian intelligence transferred the Palestinians of Yarmouk refugee camp to the Golan Heights and abandoned them to be killed by the Israelis, and then decided to shoot their families during the funerals.”

He was referring to the Naksa day protest along the Syrian Israeli borders. 23 were reportedly killed

He added : “The tanks of Maher Assad ( president Bashar Assad’s brother ) shoot at the Syrian citizens fleeing to Lebanon, and Lebanon is just watching ”

He asked: “What’s next? Should we just wait for the Syrian Security forces to enter our country to hunt down the innocent Syrian people and just watch? Should we continue to sit down and watch the Syrian people being slaughtered?”

He added: “When the Syrian people in Hama were slaughtered , we were under occupation by the Assad army but now, we are free and we refuse to remain idle and just watch the Syrian people being slaughtered, we refuse to remain neutral on this issue . We are not neutral. We are with the Syrian people !

According to Human Rights activists over 1300 Syrian civilians have been killed and over 10000 have been arrested since the uprising began on March 15 , 2011