Fatfat: Berri cannot throw rocks, his house is made of glass


In a Tuesday interview with Akhbar al-Yawm news agency, March 14 MP Ahmad Fatfat responded on to Speaker Nabih Berri’s statement that the Cedar Revolution “took Lebanon 60 years back.”

Berri “cannot easily throw rocks at us” because his “house is made of glass.”

Regarding setting a date for a parliament session to convene next week, he said that March 14 parties’ stance is clear that it is against the session.

“Berri’s invitation for a parliament session contains a lot of dangerous constitutional violations.”

Fatfat also voiced hope that Berri’s statement that “there are preparations…to cause Sunni-Shiite strife” is not based on information because “such a thing is very dangerous.”

On Monday, Berri said in a speech during a ceremony organized by the International Intellectual Conference to honor late Shiite clerics Mohammed Makki al-Jizzini and Zeineddine al-Jabhi.that the 2005 Cedar Revolution “took Lebanon 60 years back.”

The speaker also called for a parliament session on June 8.