Kuwaiti MPs call for severing ties with Syria


Al-Jazeera has reported that 25 Kuwaiti MPs , mostly from the opposition have demanded the expulsion of the Syrian ambassador to Kuwait and the severing of diplomatic ties with Damascus.

Major General Bassam Abdel Majeed ( pictured) is the current Syrian ambassador to Kuwait. He also served as the interior minister of Syria between 2006 and 2009.

The 25 MPs represent 50 % of the Kuwaiti parliament membership.

The 25 MPs, denounced the “massacre” in Syria where the regime has repressed “peaceful demonstrations of the Syrian people defending their legitimate rights to liberty and justice,”

“We will take further steps to support the resisting people [of Syria] and we will work on isolating this regime internationally,” Kuwaiti MP Walid al-Tabtabaie told reporters on Tuesday.

The Kuwait MPs action came after Syria denied entry to a Kuwaiti humanitarian aid convoy sent to Syria’s southern city of Daraa, the flashpoint of the uprising against the Syrian regime