Andraous: Time for the ‘Party of God’ ( Hezbollah) to fear God


Future Movement Deputy Secretary General Antoine Andraous condemned on Friday “Hezbollah’s campaigns against Solidere and said they ( campaigns ) are aimed at covering up its violations against state property.”

“Hezbollah ( Party of God) is trying to cover up violations of state property in the southern Dahiyeh by pointing at Solidere, but Hezbollah and others know that this company ( Solidere) was established by decrees within a legal framework during the tenure of former Prime Minister Omar Karami,” he said in a statement.

“There is a huge difference between a company that operates within the law and gave people their rights, and a party that violates public properties and undermines the state and its institutions.”

Solidere, incorporated as a Lebanese joint-stock company, was contracted to reconstruct and develop Beirut’s downtown district.

Andraous concluded his statement by saying : It is time for this “party of God” to fear God , because the people are sick and tired of its campaigns that classify people as traitors or patriotic that covers up for the offenders of the public domain and yet it blames those who adhere to the law. “