Hundreds of Syrians tried to escape to Turkey


Syrian activists have reported that over 250 Syrians tried to escape to Turkey but were stopped by the Syrian border police.

Over 1500 Syrians fled to northern Lebanon during the past 2 days

We want to caution our readers that details coming out of Syria are sketchy because the government has placed severe restrictions on the media, limited access to trouble spots and expelled foreign reporters of International News agencies .

The reports are mainly based on accounts of eyewitnesses , activists and Government owned TV and radio stations

Update: Anatolia News Agency did confirm the report and said the incident occurred near the town of Yayladagi, in the Mediterranean province of Hatay, which borders Syria.

Concerned over turmoil raging in their country, the Syrians, among them women and children, came from villages on the other side of the frontier, Anatolia reported.