Hundreds of Syrians fled to northern Lebanon


Hundreds of Syrians fled to northern Lebanon on foot after they said unrest broke out in the Syrian border town of Tel Kalakh. They all reportedly fled to Wadi Khalid area in north Lebanon

Ya Libnan reported yesterday that shooting was heard in ‚ÄčTel Kalakh in Syria , an area that is very close to the Lebanese borders.


Mostly women and children fled from Syria int Lebanon .They carried mattresses and their belongings as they entered Lebanon through an unofficial border crossing in Wadi Khalid border area located in Lebanon’s northern district of Akkar.

Mahmood Khazaal, the former mayor of the Lebanese town of Mkaybleh, located at the border, said some 700 people had fled and were seeking refuge with families and friends in Lebanon.

“A few people fled last night but the pace really picked up this morning beginning at 8:00 am local time ,” Khazaal told AFP. “Most of those fleeing have family in the Wadi Khalid region.”

An official crossing point between the two countries is located about a kilometre from Mkaybleh but those fleeing said the road leading to it had been blocked with stones and tires, thus preventing cars from reaching the border.