Syria: Daraa’s top cleric resigns over Friday massacre


Daraa’s top cleric Mufti Rizq Abdulrahman Abazeid announced his resignation on Al-Jazeera over the Friday massacre.

“The authorities must respond to all the demands” of the people, he said.

Earlier today two independent Syrian MPs resigned over the Good Friday Massacre

Syrian MP Nasser al-Hariri of Daraa announced his resignation from his post to al-Jazeera: “Since I cannot protect the sons of my city, I announce my resignation from parliament,” he said

Another Syrian MP Khalil al-Rifai also announced his resignation to al-Jazeera in protest over the massacre on Good Friday in Syria.

At least 13 mourners were shot dead on Saturday as Syrians swarmed the streets to bury scores of demonstrators killed in massive protests



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