90 Syrian protesters killed in ‘Good Friday Massacre’


Syrian security forces gunned down 90 protesters yesterday in what opposition groups have dubbed the “Good Friday Massacre”, as tens of thousands took to the streets calling for the ouster of President Bashar al-Assad and his Baath Party regime.

The dramatic footage captured by Aljazeera shows throngs of brave unarmed protesters walking defiantly towards Syrian soldiers when incessant gunfire breaks out, forcing the pro-democracy demonstrators to scramble to save their lives, which is followed by chaotic images of a wounded civilian punctured by a bullet being carried off by fellow protesters.

The video contrasts sharply with coverage by Syrian state television anchors who described the demonstrations as “peaceful”.

U.S. President Barack Obama condemned Syria for what he called an “outrageous use of violence” and said in a statement that Assad has ignored his people’s calls for freedom and has chosen “the path of repression.”

The Obama administration was singing a different tune just a month ago, however, when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called Assad a “reformer”.

By:Michael Hughes




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