Syrian bus accident kills 25 Iraqis


At least 25 Iraqis were killed when a bus plunged into a valley after striking two trucks in Syria, officials in Damascus said.

SANA news agency said the bus struck two trucks before veering off the road and into the valley Thursday. An additional 20 passengers were seriously injured.

“The driver of the bus carrying the travelers along the road from Damascus to Homs lost control of his vehicle, which collided with two trucks. The bus then fell into a valley” from a height of 15 meters (16.3 yards), Sana said, citing the Damascus police chief.

Medics treated the victims at the accident scene before taking them to hospitals. More than 20 ambulances responded to the accident.

Investigators said the bus might have lost its brakes before striking the trucks and plunging off the road into a ravine about 50 feet below.