Syria wants Lebanon to censor Lebanese media


Visitors returning from Damascus are reporting that the Syrian authorities are outraged over the behavior of the Lebanese towards the uprising in Syria and believe that some in Lebanon are participating in the “conspiracy” against the Syrian regime, few in Lebanon support the Syrian regime , while the majority is just watching and specially the Lebanese authorities who are doing nothing to stop the conspiracy against the regime .

This indifference towards Syria is what reportedly prompted the authorities to broadcast on Syrian television the confessions of a number of Syrian individuals who accused MP Jamal Jarrah of providing them with money and weapons.

According to Kuwaiti newspaper al Seyasseh , Syria’s biggest objection is against the Lebanese media which the Syrian regime considers loose and accuses it of inciting sedition and subversion” inside Syria”.

The Syrian authorities reportedly threatened to take actions that will have painful impact on Lebanon if the Lebanese authorities do not control the Lebanese media