Today in Syria, updates


The Facebook group, The Syrian Revolution 2011, which boasts more than 100,000 followers and which has emerged as the organizing force behind the demonstrations that have been demanding “freedom” in Syria called for for more protests on Friday to honor those killed by the Syrian security forces.

Here are updates on what is taking place in Syria today

Al Jazeera video on the Daraa protest and an interview with Mahmoud Merhi, an opposition leader who said there is no trust between the people and the regime . He stressed that all that the people have been hearing is promises of studying…he said enough studying time for action..if the president is serious about reforms he can issue a decree canceling the emergency law within half an hour ”

Syrian Revolution: Huge protest againnt the Syrian regime reported in Qamishly by the Kurds . The Syrian Revolution website said in reference to the Kurds : The descendants of Saladin al Ayoubi do not sell the blood of the martyrs for a citizenship . This was in response to the decree that was issued by president Assad to offer the Kurds Syrian nationality

Al Arabiyah reported that 30 protesters killed today in Daraa, but earlier today Syrian Revolution reported that 40 corpses of protesters are inside the national hospital in Darraa

SANA reported that unidentified gunmen killed 19 members of the Syrian security forces and wounded 75 others in Daraa.

Earlier today Syrian Revolution 2011 website described SANA’s reports as a joke and said they are trying to fabricate stories about the protesters . The website said the protesters are not armed and the only ones that are shooting are the Syrian army and security forces.

Syrian Revolution: 40 corpses of martyrs are inside the national hospital in Darra

S.N.N.: Syrian security forces are firing water cannons and toxic tear gas at protesters in the city of Hama amid arrests.

Reuters: at least  17 people killed during protests in Syrian city of Daraa

Syrian Revolution reported that a massacre is taking place in Daraa in front of the Syrian Security and intelligence  building. At least one killed so far and several injured  killed

Syrian Revolution: Syrian security fires at protesters in front of the grand Mosque in Muqaddam neighborhood of damascus

Al-Jazeera: Syrian protesters destroy statue of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s late brother, Bassel, in Daraa

Syrian Revolution: Here are the names of 10 people killed in Daraa today

Dr. Taha Salama , Jamal abi Zaid , Yasser Asmi, Hammadi , Mohamed Radi , Nassim Musalmeh, WaseemMusalmeh, Mohamed Dakhlallah, Mohammed Khalaf

Syrian Revolution:Huge protest in Hama that started at the Omar bin al Khattab mosque

Syrian Revolution: Dr Taha al Sukkari was killed in the village of Kark near Daraa

Future News: Syrian security forces beat protesters with batons at a Damascus mosque

France press: At least 13 killed in Daraa

Syrian Revolution: One killed inside the al Omari mosque in daraa by Syrian security forces

Syrian Revolution: Haithem al Shehab killed in Homs

Syrian Revolution: Huge protest in Latakia

AFP: At least 7 killed in Daraa

Reuters : At least 10 protesters killed in Daraa

Syrian television showed live footage of “armed persons firing on crowds of citizens, security forces and police in the city of Daraa after mosque-goers left the Friday prayers,” the Syrian state media agency SANA reported on Friday.

SANA said a security officer was killed and dozens of citizens and police were wounded.

Syrian Revolution : Thousands protest in Deir el Tal , suburb of Damascus

Syrian revolution :: Huge protest in Banyas . protests calling for freedom

Syrian Revolution : Huge protest in Tartous

Reuters confirmed that at least 3 protesters were killed in Daraa

Syrian revolution : 15 people killed in Daraa so far . Women volunteers are trying to treat the wounded at the Omnari Mosque. The army is using bombs to disperse the crouds

Syrian opposition announced that among the six wounded in the Deir al-Zour, are Firas al Hani and Hassan Ahmedoan and the protester killed in Daraa is Wassim Musalimi

S.N.N.: Thousands demonstrated outside the Grand mosque, al-Sahaba and al-Katiyyeh in Hama.

F.N.N.: Security forces opened fire on demonstrators in Homs.

F.N.N.: Heavy gunfire was heard in the Souk area in Hrasta.

Syrian Revolution : The number of demonstrators is rising in Bou Kamal.

Witness for Al Jazeera: A number of protesters wounded in Homs

Al-Hurra: Reports of protests in al-Qamishli, Ras al-Ain, Amuda, and al-Darbasiyah in Syria

Syrian revolution: Thousands protest in Bayyada and Bab el Sbah neighborhoods in Homs

S.N.N.: Thousands demonstrated outside the Grand mosque, al-Sahaba and al-Katiyyeh in Hama.

BBC: Sources say protesters in Homs attacked a government building and burned a car

Al-Hura: Thousands of protesters demonstrate in Daraa. At least two have been injured in confrontations with security forces.

Al-Arabiya: Eyewitnesses report gunfire injuries in Syrian town of Daraa

F.N.N.: Security forces opened fire on demonstrators in Homs.

F.N.N.: Heavy gunfire was heard in the Souk area in Hrasta.

Syrian Revolution group Facebook page: The number of demonstrators is rising in Bou Kamal.

Al-Arabiya: Landline and mobile phones were cut off in Douma’s suburbs near Damascus.

S.N.N.: Security forces are arresting injured demonstrators who are being brought to the Daraa national hospital.

F.N.N.: Protestors marched in the areas of Baba Omr and al-Waar in Homs.

F.N.N.: Syrian security forces killed five demonstrators in Daraa.

Syrian Revolution group on Facebook: Demonstrations are taking place in Daraya in support of Douma.

S.N.N.: One person was injured in Daraa as demonstrators were being shot at with live ammunition.

F.N.N.: Hundreds of people demonstrated in al-Tal in an attempt to end the security barricade.

S.N.N.: Hundreds of asphyxiation cases in Daraa from tear gas.

S.N.N.: A demonstration is underway in Kaswa near Damascus.

Syrian Revolution Facebook group: Demonstrators chanted for freedom in Jableh and al-Saliba.

F.N.N.: A demonstration demanding freedom began in Latakia.

S.N.N.: Security forces barricaded Douma and closed all city entrances to prevent demonstrators from gathering.

S.N.N.: Mseifra residents began protesting.

Human rights activist: Security forces are beating protestors at al-Rifai mosque in Damascus.

F.N.N.: Around 10,000 demonstrators protested outside the Daraa Serail despite an unprecedented security presence.

S.N.N.: Security forces fired tear gas on protestors in Daraa.

F.N.N.: Thousands began to demonstrate in Inkhil.

F.N.N.: Thousands poured to the streets of Daraa at the end of Friday prayers at al-Omari mosque.

A human rights activist: Protesters are chanting in Amouda “Syria, God and Freedom” while in Qameshli they are chanting “Freedom, Freedom.”

S.N.N.: Demonstrators began chanting “Syria and Freedom” after Friday prayers in Banias.

F.N.N.: Demonstrators in Qameshli, Amouda and Derbasiyeh chanted “We don’t want nationality. We want freedom.”

Hundreds of members of security forces in civilian clothes armed with batons are deployed on the streets of Daraa, an activist said.

S.N.N.: Thousands headed to Douma to take part in anti-Assad demonstrations.

Al-Arabiya: Our website’s reporter was detained in Damascus.