Dozens killed during protests in Syria on day of Defiance


Syrian Government forces and protesters both say they’ve suffered heavy casualties today in Syria, after mass protests throughout the country that called for sweeping changes ended in violence.

A banner that reads: Long live Free Syria. Greetings from the Egyptian Revolution to the Syrian Rvolution

Syrian Revolution 2011, The Facebook group, which boasts more than 108,000 followers reported that the national hospital in Daraa alone has received the bodies of 40 Syrian protesters. One protester was reportedly killed by the Syrian Security forces while he was still inside the the Omari mosque

The face book group identified 20 of the the protesters killed in Daraa.

In the city of Homs eyewitnesses said more than 42 protesters were wounded .

Syrian government news agency SANA said 19 policemen and security force members were killed when gunmen opened fire on them.

It was the first significant claim of casualties by the Syrian government , but Syrian Revolution 2011 website described SANA’s reports as a ” joke and said they are trying to fabricate stories about the protesters . The website said the protesters are not armed and the only ones that are shooting are the Syrian army and security forces.”

Protest organizers have called on Syrians to take to the streets every Friday for the past three weeks, demanding change in one of the most rigid nations in the Middle East.

Syrian Revolution 2011 which urged all the Syrian to participate in the nationwide protests said

“This Friday will be the day of resilience, defiance , pride, dignity and victory” .

Qamishly the largest city of Kurds in Syria had a huge protest despite the decree that was issued by the Syrian president yesterday that grants the Kurds citizenship