Roumieh prison inmates holding 5 hostages, report


Future TV reported that the inmates at Roumieh prison are holding two security guards and three workers as hostages and the police commandos are trying to free them.

In related developments:

– The families of Roumieh prison inmates who have been protesting in support of the inmates blocked the road in front of the prison with burning tires.

– President Michel Suleiman said after discussing the prison issue with caretaker Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar and ISF chief Ashraf Rifi that the management of prisons should fall under the Justice Ministry’s authority. Currently it falls under the authority of the ministry of interior .

Suleiman also said that long-term solutions must be devised to address problems in Lebanon’s prisons, the National News Agency (NNA) quoted President Michel Suleiman as saying on Thursday.

“The state must impose its authority while keeping prisoners safe,” Suleiman said and added

“solutions will be formulated according to the plan that Interior Minister Ziad Baroud has prepared and submitted to the cabinet”

-Baroud said today : Outgoing PM Saad Hariri earmarked 7.5 billion Lebanese pounds for prisons through the Higher Relief Council.