Syrian regime braces for the ‘day of martyrs’ protests, updates


Authorities in Syria are bracing for the possibility of huge protests throughout Syria following the announcement by the opposition that they will be holding ‘day of martyrs’ rallies across Syria after the Muslim prayers on Friday April 1 to honor those killed in Daraa and Latakia. The opposition declared Friday as the day of intifida ( uprising ) and civil disobedience .

The Syrian Revolution 2011 reported that the government is also organizing a counter rally in support of president Bashar al Assad Friday just after the prayers next to the Mosque of Khalid ibn al-Walid. According to the report Syrian workers are being forced to participate in the rally and whoever refuses will be fired from his job .

The Syrian Revolution 2011, which has emerged as the organizing force behind the demonstrations demanding “freedom” in Syria reported that huge rallies are expected today in Aleppo, Damascus, Homs, Deir el Zour, Jablet, Qamishly, adding that the Kurds will will also join the protest against the regime.

Update: According to reports from Syria , the Syrian authorities closed one of the border crossings with Turkey and deported several Turkish and other foreign journalists

– The Syrian Revolution 2011 said the Syrian security forces carried out raids in the areas of al-Tal and al-Zabadani last night to prevent demonstrations after Friday prayers.

– More than 250 thousand protesters gather in Daraa chanting against the Syrian regime

– Twitter user @FreeSoria tweets that there is a huge demonstration in the Damascus suburb of Tal, adding that there is also a large protest march in the northwestern Syrian town of Idlib.

– Hundreds of youths gathered outside Qasmo mosque in Qamishly and are rallying against the Assad regime.

The Syrian Revolution 2011: Huge gatherings in Deir el Zour

-FreeSoria twitter user :Breaking news #Douma: More than 2 thousands protesters in clash with security forces. Security start firing tear-gas in #Douma #Damascus #Syria

-Twitter user @SyrianFreePress tweets that there are clashes in the Damascus suburb of Douma between demonstrators and “thugs” who have closed the doors to mosques.

-More than 320 anti-regime protestors arrested in the eastern Syrian city of Deir al-Zour. The city is reportedly in chaos. (Youth Syria for Freedom)

– protesters were reportedly attacked by security forces at the main roundabout of Kafarsouseh in Damascus.

– Mohammad_Syria Eyewitnesses: Security forces are dispersing demonstrations of 400 protesters in the city #Salmiya

– The Syrian Revolution-demonstrators were besieged inside the Grand mosque in the city of Douma as gunfire was heard outside. Unconfirmed reports say around 2,000 protesters clashed with Syrian security forces in Douma.

– The Syrian Revolution: Syrians began marching from Omar bin al-Khattab mosque in Hama after Friday prayers.

– Thousands of people have gathered in Homs to take part in demonstrations.

– Twitter user @Mohammad_Syria tweets that “security forces are using tear-gas and arrest more than 150 protesters in [the Damascus suburb of Douma].”

– A YouTube video purportedly filmed Friday at the Rifai Mosque in the Damascus neighborhood of Kfar Sousa shows hundreds of anti-regime protesters gathered chanting: “With blood and soul we sacrifice for you, Daraa,” and, “The Syrian people are one.” (The Syrian Revolution 2011)

– The Syrian Revolution reports casualties in Daraa

– Syrian Revolution 2011: Demonstrators chanted slogans in favor of Daraa, Latakia and freedom in the city of Amouda on the Syrian-Turkish border.

– Al-Arabiya reports that so far 10 have been killed in protests in Syria.

– Syrian Secret service and security forces have forcibly taken over houses and rooftops overlooking the Municipality Square in Douma, expelling residents and tearing off the doors. They have posted snipers on balconies and rooftops in case there is any mobilization of the citizens. They have blocked media access to the city. This could be a massacre by the regime. (F.N.N.)

-Thousands of security personnel are encircling Al-Rifai Mosque in Damascus and beating up any worshiper leaving the mosque.

-Syrian human rights activists reported that : Pro-regime demonstrators staged a rally in Damascus’ Ummayyad Square.

– Al-Arabiya: Syria releases an Egyptian- American recently accused of espionage

– BBC: Protesters reportedly chanting”We want freedom!” and “The blood of martyrs is not cheap!”

– Witnesses: Syrian security forces killed at least three protesters in the Damascus suburb of Douma.

Twitter user Mohammad_Syria AP: #Syria government asked AP reporter to leave #Damascus today #Syria #mar15

– video Jassim Daraa protest

– video Deir el Zour protest

– video of protest in Ankhal Jassem rural area

– Video of Qamishli protest

Chanting God, Freedom, Syria

– twitter user FreeSoria Two #Christian protesters were kicked and beaten brutally by security forces until they passed away #Syria #MF

– Video of protest in Latakia

– twitter user FreeSoria Protesters killed in #Douma: Ibrahim Mubayad, Ahmad Rajab, Fouad Ballh, Mohamed Alaaia. #Syria

– twitter user FreeSoria #Daraa: Among the protesters killed a 10 years old in Sanamein #Syria

– S.N.N.: Ten people were killed at a Syrian military checkpoint between the city of Ankhal and the town of Sanamain.

– Witness to AFP: Syrian security forces killed at least four people and wounded dozens when they opened fire on protesters in the Damascus suburb of Douma.

– The Syrian authorities denied any deaths in today’s protests, but sources told Al-Arabiya that ten people were killed.

– AFP -Around 600 Syrian protesters have locked themselves inside al-Rifai mosque in Kfar Sousa, Damascus, after the Friday prayer because they feared attacks by pro-regime crowds outside the building.

– the Syrian state news agency (SANA) praised the pro-government rallies :“Citizens’ awareness played a great role in frustrating the attempts of some inciters to exploit crowds of mosque-goers.” .

S.N.N.: Protests erupted again in the Homs neighborhoods of Bab al-Sbaa and al-Khodr.

– Twitter user; FreeSoria Wounded protester Mohammad Oudeh from #Duma suburb of #Damascus was kidnapped by security forces and taken to unknown destination #Syria

– Twitter user: FreeSoria Protester Naeem Mokdam from #Douma was killed by security forces #Syria

– Twitter user: FreeSoria Serious Escalation: The Syrian army started shooting at protesters in Inkhel – Confirmed News

– S.N.N.: Protests erupted again in the Homs neighborhoods of Bab al-Sbaa and al-Khodr.

– S.N.N.: Ten people were killed at a Syrian military checkpoint between the city of Ankhal and the town of Sanamain.

– Twitter user ; FreeSoria Reports of Security forces breaking into people’s homes violently stealing their mobile phones #Syria #MF

– An imam of a Daraa mosque said on Friday he supports the Syrian protestors’ calls for more freedoms amid unrest in the country.

– Imam of Al-Omari Mosque Sheikh Ahmed Sayafinah throws his support behind the protesters . He told NOW Lebanon on Friday“For sure, I support the demands of the people: we call for rejecting violence, for peacefully [protesting] until [the people’s] demands are fulfilled and everything is back to normal,” .

“The [people’s] demands are to lift the emergency law [in force since 1963], to have freedom of speech, the liberty to organize [political] parties and freedom of press,” he added.

– Twitter user YAFA1948 “@AJE: Deaths in#Syrian protest march for freedom: Deaths reported as anti-government rallies get under way after Frida.”

– Video of protest in Daraa

– video of snipers shooting at protesters in Daraa

– video of Banias protest

– video of Jassim hospital where many were wounded

– Witness to F.N.N.: Syrian Police are distributing AK-47 machine-guns to the Syrian regime loyalists so that they shoot protesters.

– Syrian human rights activist told AFP: Protester Yasser al-Shimri was shot and killed by security forces at the entrance to Daraa.

– Syrian human rights activists: Shops equipped with security cameras in Kafarsouseh have been raided by security forces.

– Reuters correspondent Suleiman al-Khalidi was released by Syrian authorities on Friday after being held for three days but a photographer is still missing. Reuters was still awaiting information on the whereabouts of its photographer Khaled al-Hariri, a Syrian based in Damascus, since he disappeared in Damascus on Monday.